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Apolis, derived from Ancient Greek ἄπολις—
“without city, state or country”,  sets a conceptual framework for this project,
to explore different ways of sensing and creating aesthetics and values,
through presenting works at or from places that are outside of the capital and the metropolitan.

By Menghan Wang and 23AD.

Apolis — Attention as Participation

The International Video Art Exhibition “Apolis — Attention as Participation” is a special satellite program of Green Mountain Film Festival in 2024, happened during March 15-22 at Crumb Factory, a growing multidisciplinary collective studio and gallery for art and design, based in Montpelier VT.

Apolis presents nine works from seven artists living in disparate locations internationally. Made with little to no dialogue, these works approach filmmaking in their own unique and unconventional ways, inviting the audience to experience various unusual sensory journeys, while they reflect, revisit, and recompose concepts, places, memories, identities, emotions, and desires.

exhibition delves into the role of spectatorship in filmmaking and viewing, where it can be both passive and active in shaping the creation and experience of films. The relationships between the artists, the audience, and the filmed subjects are reexamined, deconstructed, and recreated, through which new senses and experiences unfold. It seeks for an inspired awareness beyond passive spectatorship, where attention acts as participation in perception and the unspoken dialogue with the world. 

During the first weekend, the exhibition was followed by Music Program that consists of three nights of themed all vinyl DJ sets — SynthDiscoPunk Launch Party on March 15th Friday with Sarah Yetter, Knayte Lander, Queens, and visuals by Vanish Works; Deep Club Sets on March 16th Saturday with Jeff Baumann, Queens, and a special guest; and Deep Listening Event on March 17th with Greg Davis, Visitor Center, and Middle Management.  


Photographs by Menghan Wang and 23AD

List of Works:

John Roberts, “ODEON”, 2018
Dan Su, “Erosion Project”, 2021
Aodhagán O’Flaherty, “zodiac 0°56’ (rewind-retrograde edit)”, 2022
Ada Bowman, “nearness; an effigy”, 2023
Richard Kuan, “Stationed Drifting”, 2015
Richard Kuan, “Family Portrait”, 2020
Martin Moolhuijsen, “cosm(o)etica”, 2021-2022
Martin Moolhuijsen, “grain cloud atmosphere”, 2022-2023
Menghan Wang, “THEAR”, 2020  

All work courtesy of the artists involved. 

March 15 - 22, 2024
Crumb Factory
114 River St, 2nd Floor, Montpelier, VT 05602

Curated by Menghan Wang in collaboration w/ 23AD
Graphic Design by Menghan Wang

Made possible with Crumb Factory Collective, Green Mountain Film Festival, Orca Media.

Sponsored by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, Autumn Records, Buch Spieler Records, Abracadabra Coffee, Vanishworks.

Special Thanks to Herrie Son, Dosia Sanford, Eli Barlow, Ada Bowman, Earl Fox, Sam Kann, and Christopher Wiersema.
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